• Regarding Supra Access- If we are letting someone in a listing, we must have written authorization from the listingagent authorizing named company or individual.  Email is acceptable.   realestaterunnerguy@gmail.com  SIRA also requires a one time broker authorization per agent.  No problem, we'll send your broker a form via Docusign.
  • Regarding Signs and Signage- agent or agent's representative must specify where to place the signs in order for Runner to be dispatched.  We are not liable for your signs once we place them where we are directed to do so.
  • Regarding Paperwork or Contracts- We will only help your client ID where to sign based on YOUR HIGHLIGHTS OR MARKINGS.  We are not able to interpret where signatures or initials should go.  We CANNOT explain anything on any forms or contracts.  We are strictly a courier.
  • Regarding all Earnest Money checks, keys, and documents-  All items will be placed in a secure RunnerGuy orange delivery envelope.  We will pick up and deliver these items where we are directed to do so by the agent or agent's representative.  We are strictly a courier. 
  • Free signature or photo confirmation and document scanning

What we do & don't do

Our SERVICE guarantee

If we do not execute your order exactly as you have requested, we will repeat your run and get it right! We guarantee all highlighted or marked areas on contracts will be addressed or we will go back out.



  • Place or pick up Supra Boxes
  • Place or pick up Yard Signs, Open House Signs, or Directionals
  • Take Paperwork or Contracts for Hand Signatures
  • Open Doors on your listings for authorized parties via supra box
  • Hand Deliver Documents or Disclosures
  • Pick Up or Deliver Earnest Money Checks
  • Pick up Keys
  • Check on your listing- make sure doors and windows are secure, check thermostat, take photo of requested area or completed repair
  • Free signature or photo confirmation and document scanning
  • ​Did you forget something and need it brought to you? Your laptop, cell phone, or listing packet?